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Friday, June 24

     Yesterday was our busiest day yet at Sports Camp.  We awoke at 6:30 am for breakfast, gathered our dirty clothes for laundry and cleaned our rooms. The teams played four competitive games and each camper chose an individual clinic.  Last night was the first Campfire night, a fire by the river and the presentation of Camper of the Week awards.  Some teams played "Minute to Win It" games, and all teams received a rating for room cleanliness, a scale created by one of our veteran administrators. Harvard teammates enjoyed a pizza party after Campfire night for "Cleanest Room" and the Alabama team won a pizza party for the champion of the "Minute to Win It" games.
     The Campers of the Week, awarded by the team counselors, were given recognition and a Sports Camp hat for taking initiative helping other teammates, volunteering strategies to help win games, demonstrating a positive attitude and good listening skills, showing flexibility t…

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