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Wednesday, July 4

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Tyler Campbell's Facebook Link (Woodberry Forest Photographer) By Javon Darrien

Day in Review
Campers experienced a fun 4th of July, with two championship games, a counselor belly flop contest, and a Richmond Flying Squirrels game. The Squirrels are an AA minor league baseball team for the San Francisco Giants. The campers competed hard earlier in the day, and at night enjoyed a baseball game at The Diamond. Tomorrow concludes the championship games in football, softball, soccer, handball, dodgeball, and basketball. Today teams played in the lacrosse and hockey championships.

Playing for Keeps
Kentucky played UVA in the lacrosse championship. Kentucky looked hungry and played with an ice-cold mentality. Meaning, they were relentless, ruthless and played to their full potential in the sport. They would consistently pass the ball downfield, run down the field at full speed, get one pass off and rip the ball through the g…

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